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The Pioneer Who Masters the NEW Recipe for Introducing
Children to the Arts

Edwin Fion and NY Dance Residency: Changing Lives through Dance

"I have never seen my kid this happy ever! Thank you! Whatever you did, please keep doing it. Your program is amazing." – mother from Overlook Elementary.

Edwin Fion and NY Dance Residency

Edwin Fion and NY Dance Residency
Edwin Fion and NY Dance Residency
Edwin Fion and NY Dance Residency

Cover Story Revealed: It's no secret that dancers and performing artists enjoy touching people's lives; but some over others, take it a step further with young children. Edwin Fion is the new face of dance education in public schools. He is the artistic director and teaching artist who has built NY Dance Residency into a leading and respected fortress of creative education. By entering students' daily lives in their classrooms and gymnasiums to get them moving, Edwin has mastered the recipe for physical fitness, cultural differences, intelligence, discipline and the love of dance.

Edwin's rare and effective teaching methods honor each child's differences which teaches them to respect those differences in one another.

"Any of the 200 students from Kinry Road Elementary School who experienced NY Dance Residency programs got a workout for both their bodies and their spirits in a physical education class," Southern Dutchess News

Edwin's program gives the old school term of "dance residency" a new vibe. NY Dance Residency is in fact, the leading in-school art in education program in grades Kindergarten through Middle School. A handful of schools in Duchess County, NY are committed, as well as Kinry Elementary, Overlook Elementary, West Road and Saint Joseph School. Through multiple forms of dance, students learn teamwork, confidence and individual expression.

"Before they learn a new step in any dance genre, they must first learn to trust. After they trust, they open their hearts to the teacher and to each other, which results in an outpouring of excitement for life. You can see it in their eyes," Edwin Fion.

In a time where childhood obesity rates are at their highest, Edwin's programs keep children physically moving but also mentally and spiritually growing. Parents and faculty at the schools where Edwin teaches give powerful testimonials to his work and dedication to the students. One father shared how his son had been sad since his mother was diagnosed with cancer, but how dancing with Edwin brought joy back into his life. Teachers noticed how students appear more confident and driven to achieve goals in other areas of academia under Edwin's guidance.

Edwin Fion is confident that NY Dance Residency is a program that will be incredibly successful across the nation and hopes to make a positive and life-changing impact on many more children, as they are the future of our world.

All press and sponsorship inquiries can be sent directly to Edwin Fion, nydanceresidency@gmail.com or at 917.405.8196. Teaching artists are welcome to contact Edwin to join his mission. Please visit his website at www.nydanceresidency.com.

Edwin Fion and NY Dance ResidencyAbout Edwin Fion

Edwin is an artist of Clear Talent Agency and has 10 years of dance education under his belt. He currently teaches at Manhattan Movement Arts Center. He's appeared in commercials for Verizon, Colgate and McDonald's and musical credits include West Side Story, Peter Pan, Jesus Christ Super Star, Titanic, Parade, Stuart Little, Grease and Godspell.

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